A non-governmental organization (NGO) provides valuable services to the community, and a well-designed website can help the organization achieve its goals by increasing its visibility, attracting more volunteers and donors, and improving its overall image. The NGO in question approached us with a request to redesign their existing website, which was outdated, difficult to navigate, and lacked clear branding.


Website Design & Development



Problem Statement

The NGO's website was not effectively communicating its message and goals to its target audience, which included potential donors, volunteers, and people seeking information about the organization's services. The website was also not mobile-friendly and had slow loading times, which negatively impacted the user experience. The NGO wanted a redesign that would help it effectively communicate its message and increase engagement with its target audience.

Research: We conducted thorough research on the NGO, its goals, target audience, and competitors to understand the key elements that needed to be included in the redesign.
Information Architecture: The information architecture of the website was reorganized to make it easier to navigate, with clearheadings and sections that provided a clear understanding of the organization's services and goals.
Branding: The website was given a visual overhaul, with a new color scheme, font, and imagery that reflected the NGO's brand.
User Experience (UX) Design: The website was designed with the user experience in mind, with an emphasis on making it easy to find the information they were looking for. The website was also optimized for mobile devices, with a responsive design that ensured a consistent user experience across all devices.
Content: The content on the website was revised and updated to ensure it was clear, concise, and relevant to the organization's target audience.

The new website was launched, and the results have been extremely positive. The website has received positive feedback from users, with an increase in engagement, including an increase in the number of volunteer sign-ups and donations. The website is now a valuable tool for the NGO, helping it effectively communicate its message and increase its impact.


Creating a website for a digital incentive program provider was a successful initiative for our client. The website not only served as a platform to connect with potential clients but also helped showcase the company's expertise and services. The website's features, including the homepage, services page, pricing page, and resources page, made it easy for clients to access the information they needed. The website's success can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, informative content, and the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. By using modern web technologies, our client was able to provide a solution that was both effective and scalable.

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